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Sunday, April 28, 2013

If you're a college student considering a career in print journalism, reconsider.

Student loans, few openings, and a harsh work environment may keep you from pursuing your dream as a print journalist. But changing career paths doesn't mean you'll have to do PR for the Evil Empire.
Before Thursday's "Alternatives to Journalism" alumni panel, hosted by Taylor Goldenstein and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign SPJ Chapter, my wife made some recommendations on alternative titles for the Q&A:
"Go Back in Time and Be Born to Rich Parents Who Will Humor Your Quaint Little 'Career'"; and "Seriously, Though, Have You Considered Automotive Repair?"
I love that woman's snark.

We didn't get into time travel, automotive repair, or the benefits of a trust fund as it relates to pursing journalism, but I we covered a lot of ground about how to turn a journalism degree into something other than journalism.

On the panel, I was joined by Emily Cleary, junior brand associate at Monika Dixon Public Relations; Danielle Reading, assistant strategist at the boutique media and communications agency PHD; and Jenn Kloc, marketing coordinator at Jellyvision (a former fellow master's student and all around awesome person who shot my engagement photos).

As with any panel, there's always things you wish you mentioned. I'm going to elaborate on some of the big takeaways that we touched on: